Making Money, by Terry Pratchett

Friday, October 12, 2007

ISBN: 978-0385611015

I was so anxious for this book I literally screamed when I saw it on the basement table in receiving. I got a few strange looks. This book is very funny, very twistey, but it feels more like a direct (as in moment after) sequel to Going Postal. I don't know if that is fundamentally bad, but it made my reading extremely quick since I was totally in the story already, having read Going Postal about 6 times already. I will have to review my score once I can read it at my leisure in paperback (which is always more enjoyable and comfortable than trying to be extra careful with a hardcover book you borrowed from the bookstore you work at - which they expect to sell again afterwards (the book, not the store)).



Sophie T said...
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Sophie T said...

You know how I hate to disagree with you, pet. And I'm not sure that I am actually disgreeing with you. Anyway, I just polished it off last week, and my vote is full marks. It is indeed a sequel to Going Postal, and actually does quite a good job of BEING a sequel to Going Postal, since it follows the same basic shape - which is different from most of the Discworld books in that there are not eight plotlines going on at once, converging at a critical point, jaw-droppingly, in the last fifty pages. But since it doesn't -pretend- to be doing that, I bear it no malice, and enjoyed it thoroughly. My library copy is still full of little quotation markers, which must be whittled out before it goes back tomorrow...

It might help that Vetinari is my very favourite Discworldian, and I liked his modestly kooky side being played up a bit in this one.