The Magicians and Mrs Quent, by Galen Beckett

Thursday, July 23, 2009

isbn: 9780553589825

This book was tons of fun. Part Jane Eyre, part Sense and Sensibility, part The Turning of the Screw, part soft core fantasy, all fabulous. The world created is fabulous, with bustling cities, superstitious little villages, feral woods older than time, magicians who can lock and unlock dangerous puzzles, illusionist who run theaters of ill repute, and to top it all off, the days are not always the same length. Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, the rhythm of the book is rushed or slowed as the days go by. I really enjoyed the device, which made for extra spooky bits and a world where taking a nap and then having a second supper is okay.

My only complaint is that the title totally gives away that she is marrying Mr Quent and not the dashing young man from the beginning of the novel. Oh well. I am ridiculously looking forward to the next one, which is still unannounced as far as I know.